Corporate style
and outdoor advertising
for Maryinsky
Development of corporate identity
and advertising campaign

— Creative, summer with the aroma of fresh green turned out an advertising campaign for LCD Mariinsky. The customer approved a courageous idea and an unconventional approach to supplying the new building on the board. The plot became the basis of the park, which encircles the residential complex and is a significant advantage of it, and the slogan "The park that lives with you" has strengthened the effect.

Then, we developed the same light and fresh corporate style for the "Mariinsky", which transmits the atmosphere of the park around the residential complex.

The choice of housing in the LCD "Mariinsky" is suitable for those who want to have all the benefits of life in the city of Odessa, but not excited about life directly in the city itself.Незвичайну знахідку виявили місцеві жителі на майданчику на проспекті Космонавтів. Відзначається, що двірники з самого ранку викликали поліцію, щоб розібратися, хто розкидав іграшки і чи не несуть вони небезпеку.

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