Landing Page

Landing Page

Why do you need a landing page?

Want to get targeted customers in the short term? The development of landing page sites and their application gives good results in various fields of business:

  • services
  • sales
  • real estate
  • production
  • information business
  • training
  • testing niches for business.

If your goal is to collect data to organize further sales, then you need to order a landing page. This special one-page site is needed just for this.

The advantages of landing are undeniable:

  • 90% of users are already interested in purchasing your product or service
  • Conversion up to 40% depending on the business niche
  • Ability to force a visitor to complete a targeted action

The process of creating landings involves several stages:

  • Introductory consultation
  • Proposal formation
  • Formation of technical specifications
  • Landing page prototype development
  • Landing design
  • Software development
  • Development of a mobile version of the landing page
  • Testing on various devices
  • Support for subsequent work with the landing, setting up Google ads for landing

If you need quickly attract customers who are looking for your products online, creating a landing page is the best solution for you. Contact Oksis to create a site and you will be satisfied with the result of collaboration.

Development of landing page in Kiev and Ukraine

Developing an effective landing page isn’t possible without prior marketing research. First of all, we monitor competitor landing pages, highlight the strengths and weaknesses. First, we will study your business area, delve into the specifics of the product and the target audience. Your landing page will be built on a unique selling proposition, which will be the result of a preliminary analysis. Then we will create a technical task, think over a strong, selling page structure, and only then we will start directly developing the page to attract customers and set up its work.

We are fans of custom design using infographics, illustrations and animations. The design for the landing page directly affects the conversion and therefore should produce a wow effect. A stylish and emotional design with conversion (up to 45%) keeps the user on the page and stimulates the target action. Landing takes place after the approval of its marketing concept, when the goals are defined and the posted texts are already developed. It should be noted that the correct work with headings, that are of great importance for the landing.

It is very important to correctly develop a prototype of a future landing page, because it’s who is the basis of an effective page, the convenience of finding a site for a user also depends on the prototype. We do not use the templates, each solution is unique and created specifically for the client’s task. We also do optimization and guarantee high download speed, and all this at a reasonable landing page cost.

Landing Page Cost

The price of a landing page may depend on the number of services that you purchase in the package. We are developing 3 page variations - for a smartphone, tablet and laptop, so that the user does not have any difficulties with viewing and using the site. We’ll configure ads (Google Adwords, Yandex Direct, targeted advertising from social networks) for the flow of interested users to your landing page. Connecting Google Analytics and Yandex Metrics makes it possible to monitor site traffic, user behavior and spending of the advertising budget.

Order landing page in Ukraine

If you are interested in creating sites, landing pages in Vinnitsa, Kiev, Khmelnitsky, Odessa, Lviv, Kharkov, Dnipro, contact us at Oksis and we will advise you for free at each stage of the development process for a successful start of cooperation.

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Why our landing page is demanded? - Brandin & digital. Detailed collection and analysis of introductory information
Detailed collection and analysis of introductory information
Before starting work on the landing page, we analyze all marketing information about your product or service. All data, numbers and sentences should be packed in short, concise semantic blocks. - Brandin & digital. Unique selling design
Unique selling design
Unique and attractive selling landing page design - Brandin & digital. Optimal development dynamics
Optimal development dynamics
We plan to create the page in such a way that, at a low project price, the terms of creation and the quality are high. - Brandin & digital. Adaptivity and quality
Adaptivity and quality
Our landing pages are adaptive and fast-acting, therefore, they are effective on any device. After development is complete, the pages are tested in several browsers and on various monitors and mobile devices with Android and iOS.

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Who needs to order a landing page from us - Brandin & digital. Trade sphere
Trade sphere
- retail Stores
- show rooms
- wholesale companies - Brandin & digital. Services sector
Services sector
- information business
- Insurance companies
- restaurants
- сafe
- HoReCa
- beauty salons
- real estate agency
- dry cleaners
- car services
- banks
- kindergartens - Brandin & digital. Production sphere
Production sphere
- small scale manufacturers
- developers
- factories
- plants

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