Videos and presentations

Videos and presentations

Video clips for sites and advertising

To achieve a number of marketing goals, you need to create videos for advertising.  We offer the creation of commercials, the price of which will pleasantly surprise you.  In a matter of seconds, the video creates the necessary mood for the consumer, presents the best qualities of the product or service, demonstrates the product from a more favorable side.  Motion graphics make it possible to easily show the consumer the many benefits of products, this information is easily absorbed and stored in the subconscious, affecting the choice that a person makes, for example, in a store.  It is also easy to use a promotional video to demonstrate an idea, a project, and visualize its course.  The video product will also help to present the company itself, highlight its advantages against competitors. 

Creating promotional videos
will also greatly facilitate your understanding with the client.  Even the most difficult information for presenting, pre-systematized, and correctly visualized, will be easy to understand with the help of a professionally created promotional video. 

 Creation of advertising presentations

If you need to present a project, for example, to an investor in a personal meeting, then here we can help create presentations.  Such a visual presentation initially indicates the status of the event, preparedness, a thorough approach to the presentation of the essence.  Advertising presentations are necessary for absolutely all types of business, it gives an opportunity to present itselves on the site, in social networks, at personal meetings and official events.  If you decide to order a presentation, this is a great solution for the highest quality communication.  Just contact us if you need to create a custom presentation with a low price.  We will provide you with bright and non-trivial solutions for any type of presentation for all areas of business. 
 Agree that creating video presentations is a great way to simplify understanding of complex interaction mechanisms, as well as the ability to quick and easy convey not-so-easy to understand information about a product or service emotionally and excitingly. 
Cost of presentation or promotional video

It is easy to order a video presentation in Kiev, Dnipro, Odessa, Lviv, Khmelnitsky, Vinnitsa: call the phone number listed on the website or write a message on the feedback form or Oksis agency email.  Before starting work, our manager will contact you to clarify all the details.

How are we working - Brandin & digital. Identification of tasks <br>and statement of goals
Identification of tasks
and statement of goals
Setting goals and choosing a general scheme of work, studying the technical assignment provided by the customer (if there is such a technical assignment). Briefing.
Stage Result:
Technical assignment for the development of an advertising video product or presentation. - Brandin & digital. Marketing analysis of consumers’ interests and competitive analogues
Marketing analysis of consumers’ interests and competitive analogues
Marketing analysis of interests of consumers and competitive analogues
Conducting market research to study the target audience. Determining the interests and expectations of consumers. Analysis of advertising messages and methods of influencing consumers of competitors.
Stage Result:
Clear guidelines and theses for creating a new video product or presentation.
The choice of communication style with the consumer and the tone of appeal to the audience. - Brandin & digital. Developing scenarios, stories, video shot, development of presentations
Developing scenarios, stories, video shot, development of presentations
Creation of several scenarios provided to the customer to choose from. Development of presentations or shooting an advertising video based on an approved storyboard, considering the delivery of an advertising message.
Stage Result:
Videos or presentations that are provided to the customer for approval. - Brandin & digital. Presentation and approval with the customer
Presentation and approval with the customer
We present the development to the customer, we receive feedback on grinding or approval.
Stage Result:
Ready videos or presentations. - Brandin & digital. Technical support / update of advertising product
Technical support / update of advertising product
We support or update the advertising product design
Stage Result:
The most effective advertising product.
Individual offer for creation
еffective selling video or presentation

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