Naming for business

Naming is the name of the brand from which it all starts. It is the philosophy of the product, its essence. The goal of a well-chosen brand name is to attract attention with one word.

In the conditions of the market, correct naming can literally pick up a product and partially save a share of funds for its further advertising.

Development name

Strong names don’t arise spontaneously, it is the result of the experience and work of its creators. A marketing and, at the same time, scientific approach is applied to the choice of a brand name. The emotional and semantic components must simultaneously work. Naming for a company or product should create the necessary impression in the first seconds. There are cases when the development of the company name is carried out by the management of the company itself, but the result is far from always successful, and we advise professionals to delegate this process. Custom naming in Kiev, Dnipro, Odessa, Kharkov, Khmelnitsky, Vinnitsa can be developed in many marketing companies.

Our Oksis agency professionally provides naming services for both startups and enterprises that need rebranding. Ordering a brand name is simple: contact us and set a task, and all the preparatory stages and the development itself will be done by our specialists. Using various development techniques, you will be offered a number of options to choose from. We will also check the proposed options for the possibility of registration, perhaps such names are already documented. If you need to order a company name and you already have your own vision and ready-made options, contact us and we will consult for free.

Naming Cost

What determines the development cost? The cost of creating naming depends on the number of requested options, as well as on the timing of implementation.

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What includes the naming service

Creating a brand name
Entrust us with the development of the brand name - the most important channel of communication with the target audience, informing it of your positioning, distinguishing you from competitors and even telling the audience a unique offer.
Creating a domain name
A correctly chosen domain name is directly related to the client’s profit through the number of visits and applications left on the client’s website.

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