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Online stores

Online stores

A selling online store is worth developing by contacting us at Oksis. Online shopping is one of the most popular types of sites in entrepreneurship today. We create online stores, taking into account the trends and rules of search engines. One of the most significant factors when choosing a contractor during development is cost. The price of creating a site depends on many factors, such as the functionality of the store, the number of sold goods, the timing of creation, content and so on.

To be sure of stable and safe operation, we recommend not taking a turnkey solution, but individually developing an online store to order.

Ordering the development of an online store with us will be the right decision. Consultations on all issues of the future project are free.

Online store, price

Today, companies offer the creation of an online store in Kiev, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Odessa, Khmelnitsky at different prices in several segments. Cheaper solutions are developed on the basis of templates that can significantly save the budget, but the other side of the coin is a number of problems that may subsequently arise, for example, this:

• Unstable work site

• The need to transfer the site to another hosting for subsequent work

• The debatable question whether the site will be maintained after development

• An Internet resource may constantly require correction and your participation in subsequent work

• If you set additional more complex tasks for the developer, it is not a fact that it will be performed at all, all the more so correctly.

All these considerations lead to the fact that you should not save too much on development. We propose the creation of an online store, the price of which will be optimal, and the quality - the best for it.

Our offer is suitable for you if:

• you already have an online store, but it does not suit you

• you own an offline store but want to go online

• you have a production of goods or you are its supplier, and you need to organize sales online

• you need a little template solution and you also need an individual approach

In fact, to solve many business problems, you need to order a website, an online store, a business card website or a promotional website. Most often, for these purposes it is necessary to develop an online store, the development cost of which depends on a number of factors, including:

• details of the project or the preparation of technical specifications (if it is not provided by the customer)

• uniqueness of design

• the complexity of the project and the scope of its functions

• setup and testing of the finished site

• content and website promotion

• follow-up technical support

The cost of developing a site in Ukraine is more acceptable than, for example, in Europe. But, each customer chooses his own approach to solving this problem, based on experience, budget and requests.

Studio store development

Experienced sanctuaries, even those that rely on not the largest budget, still tend to develop an online store in the studio. The guarantees of a successful project in the studio are much higher than ordering it from a freelancer or self-development. The design of such a store will be unique, the site will work more stably, the maximum errors will be resolved even at the development stage, before the "publication", all your questions about administration and use can be answered in real time, in addition, at your request, the site will be under maintenance.

The budget for the development of the site in the studio in Vinnitsa, Kiev, Dnipro, Odessa, Lviv can also be available, it all depends on the complexity of the project and the payment for the work of different levels of specialists. Before starting work, a marketing research of competitors will be carried out, a study of the nuances and tasks of a particular business area. Team work in the studio is better tuned, specialists work “in tandem”, moving towards a common goal and are interested in a high-quality overall result. The studio will also take charge of the development process, taking into account all factors and without missing important stages. But it is only up to the customer to decide whether he will choose a cheaper solution outside the studio, or spend more, having received guarantees of a stably working resource. In addition, cooperation with the agency is regulated by the contract, which is actually protected from unexpected situations that some freelancers can “please”. Therefore, one of the conditions for successful completion of the project is precisely the integrated approach of the studio and all development participants.

Why our online stores are so demanded - Brandin & digital. Detailed collection and analysis of introductory information
Detailed collection and analysis of introductory information
Before starting work on an online store, we analyze all the background information of a future project. All data, numbers and sentences should be packed in short, concise semantic blocks. - Brandin & digital. Unique selling design
Unique selling design
Unique and attractive selling online store design - Brandin & digital. Optimal dynamics of development
Optimal dynamics of development
We plan to create the page in such a way that, with a low project price, the terms of creation and the quality are high. - Brandin & digital. Adaptivity and quality
Adaptivity and quality
Our online stores are adaptive and fast, therefore, effective on any device. After development is complete, stores are tested in several browsers and on various monitors and mobile Android and iOS devices.
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