Outdoor advertising and wide format

Outdoor advertising and wide format

Outdoor advertising - order development

Catching your consumer’s eyes in the street stream and interest him in just a couple of seconds – It is what outdoor advertising needs for. An easily readable advertising message will allow a potential buyer to admit the possibility of acquiring a product or using your service.

One of the ways to implement outdoor projects is large format printing. It makes it possible to visualize any advertising campaigns, that are based on a wide format. The effectiveness key of such projects is precisely the professional design of outdoor advertising.

Large format printing design

Advertising large format printing can be carried out for design layouts of any types of media, most often it is:

  • billboards
  • prismatrons
  • citylights
  • banners
  • pylons
  • scrolls
  • firewalls
  • posters etc.

The artfully effectiveness of crafted outdoor advertising is obvious. Not all companies can afford this type of advertising because of the solid cost of placement, but those who manage to combine high-quality creative, professional implementation and a wide format immediately find themselves “on the horse”.


Contact us if your goal is to promote through an effective outdoor advertising. Having already developed more than 300 projects for large format printing in Vinnitsa, Odessa, Kiev, Dnipro, Lviv, Khmelnitsky, Kharkov and other cities, our team has in practice perfected the skill of attracting customers with the help of outdoor advertising. Our goal in creating outdoor advertising is to produce a wow effect with it, to amaze and be remembered.

Even if a person does not become a client right after he sees an advertising plot on the street, he will nevertheless be imbued with great confidence in the brand, he will pay attention that such exists and, accordingly, will “insulate” his attitude towards it.


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Create design layouts for any media

Billboard Billboard
Firewall Firewall
Roll up Roll up
Transport Transport
Signboard Signboard
Room walls Room walls
Sitylight Sitylight
Interior poster Interior poster

How we are working

Oksis.com.ua - Brandin & digital. Identification  <br> of tasks аnd statement of goals
of tasks аnd statement of goals
Setting goals and choosing a general scheme of work, studying the technical assignment provided by the customer (if there is such an assignment). Briefing.
Stage Result:
terms of reference for the development of an advertising product.
Oksis.com.ua - Brandin & digital. Marketing analysis of consumers interests and competitive analogues
Marketing analysis of consumers interests and competitive analogues
Conducting market research for studying the target audience. Determining the interests and expectations of consumers. Analysis of advertising messages and methods of influencing the competitors on consumers.
Stage Result:
Clear guidelines and theses for creating a new advertising product.
Development of a creative advertising campaign strategy, choice of the communication style with the consumer and tone of appeal to the audience.
Oksis.com.ua - Brandin & digital. Development of advertising concepts and layouts
Development of advertising concepts and layouts
Development of graphic and verbal design elements for an advertising message.
Creation of the advertising composition and page-proof of layouts, several concepts of advertising design, provided to the customer to choose from.
Stage Result:
Working advertising concepts and layouts that are provided to the customer for discussion.
Oksis.com.ua - Brandin & digital. Presentation of working options to the customer
Presentation of working options to the customer
We present the layouts to the customer, get feedback on polishing or approval of the advertising concept (working layout).
Stage Result:
Layouts that are actually ready for production or publishing online.
Oksis.com.ua - Brandin & digital. Technical support / update of advertising product
Technical support / update of advertising product
We support or update the design of the advertising product.
Stage Result:
Most effective advertising product.

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Some projects

More cases

“Experience and a fresh vision are what we were looking for! We are pleased with the results of our joint work and recommend it.”

 Alexey Shaboltaev, marketing department of Mariinsky residential complex

The main types of outdoor advertising media

Billboard - one of the most convenient and effective types of outdoor print advertising. The board’s working area is 6 meters by 3 meters, and it serves to accommodate quite large posters that use special blueback paper to print. The image can serve for a sufficiently long period, but you can change it even at least every month at the request of the customer.

The design of the board should be thought out in such a way that in just 3 seconds there is a lot to do, namely:

If the developer has done everything correctly, all these goals will be achieved, at least the brand will not go unnoticed and will be more “readable” for the potential consumer.

A prismatron (prism) is a dynamic resemblance to a billboard. The image is divided into strips that rotate synchronously, additionally attracting attention. On the prismatron, you can simultaneously place several images that will change.

Citylight is a street carrier of 1.2 m by 1.8 m format, which is designed for the best view from a short distance. In contrast to the billboard, that can be seen over several tens of meters, in order to view the story of the city light, you need to get closer to it. This is a format for pedestrians. It is often installed at bus stops, crowded places and people's expectations.

A firewall is a huge format for print ads. Here it is size that is an advantage. This format cannot be overlooked, it is striking in its grandeur, therefore, respect for the advertised brand immediately arises.

Contact us - the company "Oksis", and you will get a great effective tool to attract customers in the form of print outdoor advertising. In addition, the cost of large format printing will pleasantly surprise you. If you need to order outdoor advertising in Kiev, contact us anyway.

We will be happy to give a free advice on creating an effective outdoor advertising design and advise on how best to act in the development process.

The principles of creating outdoor advertising

The key in creating large-format advertising is the professional development of its design. We go through a huge number of boards, citylights and banners every day, and don’t even notice what it advertises. Here is the price of quality design!

Poor design nullifies all printing and placement costs; it remains literally unnoticed. The conclusion is that the production of outdoor advertising begins with an idea and design, but the quality of large format printing, accurate sticking on media and the placement itself in more popular places in the city play a significant role.

A minimalist approach is one of the main trends in outdoor advertising as well. A simple and clear presentation of information works best for the consumer, therefore, the brand is easy to remember.

To develop an effective image for outdoor advertising, it is necessary to select high-quality and unique source material - take a photo, develop infographics or illustrations. Entrust the development of the “Oksis” design layout and we will improve the performance of your business with this excellent customer communication channel.

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