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A new product for himself, about which he had not heard anything before, the buyer chooses exclusively according to the packaging design. The material from which it is made, density, quality, its general appearance - this is the clothing by which they meet the product.

The development of packaging is a key stage, and its quality will either bury product sales, or “draw out” all the shortcomings of its quality. It is not enough to produce something of high quality or tasty, you need to show the consumer that your product is what he was looking for. Ideally, love should appear at first sight - that particular design, color scheme, smell, tactile sensations. In order for the buyer to find and choose among the rest your product, especially if it is new, certain conditions must be observed, for example:

• the product in the package should stand out on the shelf

• the product must meet the search criteria formed by the target audience.

A professionally designed package will fulfill its function and sell the goods with one of its kind, eliminating unnecessary advertising costs. Thus, the quite adequate cost of packaging design will block tangible amounts of money for additional promotion.

Packaging Design

Creating a packaging design is a very important stage in the overall process of production of goods. Therefore, entrust it to professionals. We will develop packaging design, the cost of which will pleasantly surprise you. Our designers have gained tangible experience in this industry, successfully creating unique packaging for various groups of products, including food, automotive chemicals, cosmetics, clothing, stationery, etc.

Types of packaging models that we develop:

• packages

• boxes

• stickers

• labels

• glasses

• tags

• tint

• counter labels

Packaging design cost

Custom packaging design is one of the main activities of Oksis agency. What will the development cost depend on? The technical complexity of the packaging design, the form and design, the sealing area, the creation of unique illustrations and texts, the tasks of the product - everything matters.

To develop an effective packaging design

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People trust the development of packaging to us because - Brandin & digital. Our packaging design has a marketing basis
Our packaging design has a marketing basis
Each packaging design project is developed by the tandem of the marketer and designer, therefore, it considers the needs of the buyer and the principles of trade marketing. - Brandin & digital. Taking into nuances of sales
Taking into nuances of sales
In the process of working with packaging, we consider how, where, next to what and in what mode your product will be sold. This makes it possible to rebuild from competitors, to make the product stand out on any shelf. - Brandin & digital. We test multiple packing options and offer you the best
We test multiple packing options and offer you the best
We know that the buyer makes the decision about what to buy in just a few seconds, therefore we offer our customer only the best design options. - Brandin & digital. Ready for production аnd print
Ready for production аnd print
We are preparing a packaging model for launch in production, we know the nuances and we carry out supervision over all its stages.

some projects

“We ordered packaging for the SuperSony product and were satisfied with the cooperation! The development was done quickly and efficiently, we then additionally ordered two subspecies of this package. Everything is super!”

Sergey Zorin, marketer of TM "Sonyah - Relish Factory", Vinnitsa

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You can ask:

What are the stages of packaging creation? How is it doing?

The first step is the collection of relevant information about the product, marketing tasks, how competitors are presented, and what the target audience is waiting for. This is a fundamental step in future development.

Then, on the basis of the input data, we look for a creative idea and develop working concepts that correspond to the tasks set earlier. The number of working options is initially discussed with the customer.

Presenting the working options to the customer, we receive feedback from him and make the necessary adjustments, if necessary.

After the concept is approved by the customer, we prepare all the files for printing, make the necessary accompanying instructions, and transfer them to print.

How many working packaging design options will the customer see?

The customer can order any number of packaging design options; this is specified at the beginning of work. This may be one option, then the development price is appropriate, or there may be several options to choose from, and its worth it accordingly. We take into account the wishes of customers and are loyal to the wishes to adjust the layout or make an additional design option, for example, with a different font, element or background color.

Will the client be able to order the packaging design according to the terms of reference developed by another agency or internal marketing department?

Of course, we will develop the packaging design, both according to your technical specifications, and we will create TK for high-quality packaging development within our agency.

Does the customer have the opportunity to intervene in the development of packaging design?

Yes, if the customer already has his own vision, sketches and ideas, we will be happy to turn into “hands” and materialize the design from his head, actively intervening only in controversial working moments. Also, we are ready to develop a package design project on our own, without requiring the participation of the customer and saving his time and effort. Relying on us and giving the initiative in our hands, the client receives the best packaging option that meets marketing goals and objectives, which will be positively received by the target audience.

Do we redesign the packaging?

Yes, we will also redesign the packaging, replacing the old solution with a more recent and effective one.

Is it possible to modify or update the finished packaging layout?

Yes, we can easily make changes to the finished packaging layout, ours or another developer within a couple of days.


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