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Printed advertising products remain one of the relevant ways of delivering a key advertising message, information about a product or service. The condition that the advertising budget won’t be wasted is a professional marketing approach to the development and artless design of printed productsIt is difficult to imagine the launch and promotion of many brands without quality print ads.

Printing services are in demand because they prove their need and effectiveness along with the latest advertising trends.

Now you have the opportunity to experience how your high-quality printing design works with your own example. Order printing from us and launch it in work. We assure you that most of your new customers will answer that they have come to you by receiving a leaflet or booklet of our development. Our research at “Oksis” shows that this is what happens. And can you recall what printing products that were in your hands surprised you with its design?

We create effective design layouts for any kind of polygraphy

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Why people trust us with the development of polygraphy

Oksis.com.ua - Brandin & digital. You get effective and professional design
You get effective and professional design
Our printing design is done exclusively by professionals - that’s why it is both effective and attractive. We do not do design for the sake of design, but create layouts that solve the marketing problems of your product or service.
Oksis.com.ua - Brandin & digital. Cost of development of the layout are announced immediately
Cost of development of the layout are announced immediately
The cost of developing a layout you will find out immediately after the application. The complexity and additional steps (photo in the studio, development of illustrations) will not affect the increase in the price of the layout.
Oksis.com.ua - Brandin & digital. Opportunity of subscriber services for creation of polygraphy
Opportunity of subscriber services for creation of polygraphy
Contact us and completely relieve yourself of printing products! We will deliver you a ready-made printing, worked out from the idea of the layout to implementation and on time.
Oksis.com.ua - Brandin & digital. Preparing for printing every layout
Preparing for printing every layout
We are responsible for preparing printing our layouts, even if printing is done by another company. We give an answer in real time on all questions that your printing house may have. And also we do our best to ensure that you don’t have any questions about the layout during the process of its printing.

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"The “Gold Screen Network” is one of the largest in Ukraine and the number of branches continues to grow, including thanks to our advertising. We have been cooperating comprehensively with the Oksis agency for several years and it is our reliable partner in creating advertising.

The main property of our joint advertising projects is the impact on the target audience and the ability to stimulate its desire to use our services."

Roman Tarasov, Head of Marketing and Advertising, PT Lombard "Gold Screen"

High-quality printing design

Such a service as custom printing is present in the offers of many advertising agencies, but far from everyone can offer the whole cycle of services for the quality development of these products, including the efficiently working design of printed products.

Such print advertising should be definitely considered, or it can even be left it to myself as an example for the future. And a company that sets such requirements for its advertising certainly will not go unnoticed by a potential client.

We specialize in creating high-quality print advertising, including online printing services. The development process begins with the collection of the necessary marketing information, the analysis of the advertising competitors’ products, the wording of the advertising message. We conduct an advertising photo session, if necessary. Based on the source material, we move on to creating a layout design. Here are some types of promotional products that we develop:

Each type of layout is advisable to use as a part of a specific advertising campaign. Handout printed products such as flyers, leaflets, brochures, booklets will help, for example, to participate more effectively in a specialized exhibition, convey maximum information about you to a potential client and it is easier to attract customers. Catalogs will help guide customers with the range of products and services. Marketing kit is necessary for an effective and status presentation of the company. We have already developed hundreds of effective design layouts for printing, that have increased the sales of our customers in various areas of business - real estate, sales, services, beauty and health.

Order print design

Before starting a joint work, we will give advises to you for free about all working moments, help you to choose the right type of printing for a particular marketing task. In our work, we don’t use template solutions, rest assured - you won’t find another such a layout for a print advertising from anyone. After development, prepress will also be done, which is included in the development cost. You get a print-ready layout. In development, we strive for 100% uniqueness of images and text, as we understand the importance of a unique creative idea.

Upon completion of the work, we will print and deliver the products at your request, and the cost of printing services will be comfortable for you.

You are in another city but want to order a print design?

You can easily start cooperation with us, being in any city, often our customers need to order printing in Kiev. For quickly print promotional products, you will need our prompt printing. Total, it makes no sense to look for printing services in different cities, such as Vinnitsa, Dnipro, Zaporozhye, Kamenetz-Podolsky, Lviv, Odessa, Poltava, Kharkov or Chernivtsi, and immediately contact us for your convenience.

It is advisable to develop the design of printing products as part of a comprehensive advertising campaign, when printed products, as another communication channel, favorably complement the overall message and strengthen it. In creating any advertising campaign, you will also need our services such as, for example, design of large format printing or creating a landing. Having implemented many similar projects, we have worked out professional skills and will offer you the best quality solutions.

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