Brand positioning strategy

Brand positioning strategy

Brand building and branding

Brand positioning means its holistic image in the minds of consumers.

The system of marketing communications reflects the philosophy and main idea of ​​the brand. The development of a positioning strategy takes into account a number of influencing factors:

• The purpose of the product or service, the benefits that they bring to the consumer

• The main target audience of the brand

• The advantages of this brand over competitors, what they consist

Based on a certain concept that takes into account these factors, the brand is based. Positioning in marketing is the task of determining a position among competitors and has subtasks:

• Positioning among competitive products

• Place of a new product among existing ones

• Formation in the eyes of the consumer of an image that is different from competitors

Developing a brand positioning strategy

A brand positioning strategy can be developed in stages:

• Product definition (business niches)

• Formation of benefits for the consumer

• Identification of the advantages and disadvantages of the brand over competitors

• Development result - a list of positioning conditions.

You need to develop or revise brand positioning if:

• Obvious advantages over competitors are not formed

• Demand for your product is not high enough

• You definitely do not know the target audience of your product

Brand positioning is directly related to the choice of this brand by the consumer and is considered in several directions. Correct positioning indicates that the product or service creates the necessary associations and reactions with the consumer and the product is sold.

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