About us

About us

OKSIS branding and digital

— a team that synergistically combines the skills of all its participants to create an effective product. We use market analysis, our experience and the power of ideas to achieve the highest quality solutions.

The list of our work areas is wide enough. It allows us to cooperate with customers from various industries and solve a wide range of problems for them.

Priority work areas are branding, the creation of all kinds creative advertising materials, the printing products’ design, corporate identity, web projects, complex projects, the advertising campaigns development.

Successfully Implemented More Than 280 Different Branding Projects, Print Advertising, Web Development.

Our decisions helped clients to increase sales, to bring new markes to the market, to carry out actions and festivals.

Our cooperation with the client is based on mutual respect and professionalism, that’s why we become his constant partner for a long period.


Outdoor advertising, wide format
How to indicate who is the market leader without research and analysis? Just go outside and enjoy the highest quality outdoor advertising.
We will convince you that printing is an effective tool in attracting new customers, and not a way to drain the budget.
Creative production
This is not an advertisement. These are emotions, ideas and stories - to people about brands, values and meanings.
Packing a new product line or redesigning an old one. Pack correctly and you will definitely be chosen by your customer.
Video and presentations
A full cycle of services for video shooting and creating videos for e-commerce, YouTube, as well as creating presentations.
Visual content for sites
Photo, video, illustrations and infographics for high-quality filling of your site.
Logo and corporate identity
The right corporate identity announces your image to the client, non-verbally creates the best impression of the brand.
Let's call the best brands by their proper names!
Brand positioning strategy
You can solve a lot of business issues by building a successful brand positioning strategy.
Landing page
This is a business in one page, which is created for a specific purpose.
Corporate sites
This is a high-quality and complete presentation of the company in the Internet. No site - no company.
Online Stores
This is another sales channel. And often the only one needed.
Promotional projects
This is when you cannot tear yourself away from the site, it is so attractive.

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